All Natural - 100% BEEF Premium Dog Treats


       All of our Premium Beef Treats are made from Only 1 Ingredient, all natural, 100% federally inspected, human grade Canadian beef. Compatible with a raw diet, grain-free diet and a unique protein for pets with allergies. This is the perfect treat or reward for all sizes of dogs, a great part of a well balanced diet.
No Additives, No Colouring, No Preservatives, Grain & Gluten free.


Beef Liver                                                                                           

  • 100% Pure Natural Beef Liver
  • High in protein, providing a great source of Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin A and B12

 Beef Lung

  • 100% Pure Natural Beef Lung
  • A great source of Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Potassium, Zinc and Copper, and a very good source of Protein, Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Iron, Phosphorus and Selenium
  • Easily breaks up into the perfect size for any dog

Beef Pizzle

  • 100% Pure Natural Beef Pizzle
  • Terrific to occupy your dog for hours 
  • Low cholesterol, high protein, vitamins, calcium & magnesium
  • A healthy outlet for your dog's desire to chew

Beef Tendon

  • 100% Pure Natural Beef Tendon
  • A natural chew that's low in fat, high in protein, and completely digestible.
  • Healthy alternative to bleached & chemically treated rawhides
  • Floss like shape is ideal for maintaining healthy teeth & gums
  • Slow roasted & non-irradiated for a tough textured chew
  • A healthy outlet for your dog's desire to chew

Beef Green Tripe

  • 100% Pure Natural Beef Tripe
  • Green Tripe all natural -  not bleached
  • Loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotics, the perfect ratio of calcium to phosphorus – 1:1.
  • Green tripe also contains the essential fatty acids, Linoleic and Linolenic, in their recommended proportions.  It can also be served in nice, large rubbery chunks which will provide your dog with good exercise and better dental health.
  •  Treats diarrhea and GI infections
  •  Aids digestion and helps treat chronic constipation

Beef Trachea 

  •  100% Pure Natural Beef Trachea
  • natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin

Feeding Instructions

Supervise your dog when giving them a treat, and ensure a supply of fresh water is always available.