We welcome inquiries from distributors in Canada and United States.  Only 1 Ingredient strives to deliver the best service possible.  

Packaging options include:

  • Only 1 Ingredient Brand
  • Co-packing with your brand & design
  • Different Weight Sizes

After listening to distributors, pet stores and the buying public we have created a new pricing structure.  All of our treats have a MSRP under $9.98.  This allows for quicker turn-around in store and makes our natural treats an easy buying decision for customers .   Our one price MRSP allows store owners to get back to what they do best.

   At a industry trade show a pet store franchisee said to us, "If all manufacturers prices their treats like Only 1 Ingredient I could operate my store from laptop on a cruise ship."  He then ordered 24 sku's of treats.

 Dog Treats

 All of our natural dog treats are single ingredient from human grade meats & offal's.  Our raw ingredients are 100% Canadian sourced from Canada's leading federally inspected abattoirs.  

Cat Treats

 Our new line of cat treats are 1 or 2 ingredient natural treats, formed into strips and dried.  Our pets deserve only the best in the ingredients of their treats.  Our natural treats are exactly that, Natural! 

For a full ingredient list of our "Duck Breast"  see below:
                 Ingredients:   Duck Breast



  We ship from our facility the best way possible, Free! on minimums.  We do not ship the cheapest method.  We take into account your location and choose the best provider that  will deliver within your hours of delivery.  All orders need to ship with a FDA-Aphis document that we provide.

Cases are packed as per your requirement.  We are also able to ship packages loose packages in a bulk pallet box with dividers.  Case labels are designed to fit your needs.  We recommend:

  •  Dog or Cat Icon
  •  Treat Name
  •  Package Count
  •  Package Weight
  •  GS1-UPC Code
  •  Only 1 Ingredient Logo


Custom Recipes

   Only 1 Ingredient is available for custom treats.  Samples are offered at a cost and will be deducted from your order.
If you can imagine it, we can create it. We will work with you to create a brand for you. 

We would love to hear from you!

        Brad, John & Diana



    Beef Liver       Beef Lung       Beef Pizzle      Beef Tripe



Chicken Breast  Chicken Feet


  Duck Breast     Duck Feet      Duck Wings


      Salmon        Lake Smelt

Lamb Treats

 Lamb Liver      Lamb Lung       Lamb Tripe




  Rabbit Ears   Sweet Potato




     Beef & Salmon                    Chicken


  Duck & Sweet Potato              Turkey